Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Salam, Morocco!

We've been here over a week now, so before we leave for training, I wanted to show a few initial photos I've taken of this country. It's certainly beautiful so far!

Our first sight of Morocco, as we stepped off the plane.

The view from the hotel where initial training is taking place.

We had a day off from training on Sunday, so a friend and I walked around to see some sights. We got to attend the international church, explore the market, and see some beautiful sights. These shots are from the cemetery. It was really sobering and incredible to wander through it.

We wandered the coast and admired the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

And we've spent lots of hours wandering (sometimes running, which is allowed!) the city and admiring its beauty.

Thus far, I like this country! It has given me a very warm mrhaba bikum (welcome)!

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