Friday, February 22, 2013

Afghanistan Debate Resolutions

Just a taste of what our students debate at tournaments. The format we use gives five topics each round, and the students choose. I've included only the topics that students chose to debate.

Preemptive war is never justified.
The Internet promotes democracy.
Suicide is never justified.
The UN should intervene in Syria.
The UN is not an effective organization.
Sometimes terrorism is justified.
World peace is not a possibility.
The US should mind its own business.
The Islamic revolution in Iran was a failure.
An oppressive government is better than no government.
European countries oppress Muslims.
Corruption is the price of international aid.
Mali is the new Afghanistan.
The West is in decline.
Western countries should give preference to immigrants who are members of under-represented religions.
The Arab spring has done more harm than good.
North Korea is a great threat to world peace than Iran.
International intervention can lead to the creation of sustainable democracies.
The US should end its “war on terrorism.”
The media should limit coverage of terrorist acts.
The US should end military aid to Pakistan.
Russia is a sleeping giant.
Political assassinations are a justified foreign policy tool.
We should ban advertisements that have been edited to alter the size or shape of the model.

Debate tournaments should be held in Dari, not English.
Afghanistan is losing its culture.
Turkish television shows promote bad morals.
Students should be required to learn English.
Men should help cook and take care of their children.
Afghan culture has more in common with Iranian culture than with Pakistani culture.
People have an obligation to help their neighbors.
Students should not be required to wear uniforms.
Russia is responsible for Afghanistan's civil war.
Buzkashi should be banned.
Teenagers should be allowed to own cell phones.
The government should ban wedding halls.
Celebrating Nowroze is un-Islamic.
Afghanistan should adopt a new constitution.
Violent video games should be banned.
Afghanistan will succeed.
Smoking should be banned in public places.
Foreigners who work in Afghanistan are overpaid.
The Afghan constitution should be rewritten to reduce the power of the president.
It would have been better if the international community had not intervened in Afghanistan.
Parents should not be allowed to beat their children.
For-profit organizations have benefited the economy more than non-profit organizations.
Elected politicians should be required to send their children to public schools.
Teachers should not be allowed to beat their students.
The government should provide financial incentives for marriages between people of different ethnicities.

Women's Rights
Empowering women is more important than building roads.
Women should not be allowed to travel alone.
Women should be given priority in competitions for international scholarships.
Female politicians are better than male politicians.
Women will suffer the most if foreign troops leave.
Mothers should not work outside of their homes.
Females should be encouraged to participate in violent sports.
The international community has neglected women outside of major cities.
Separating men and women promotes violence against women.
The government should prohibit women from marrying men who are more than ten years older than they are.
Women in Afghanistan were better off forty years ago than today.

Mining natural resources is the key to economic development.
International aid hurts long-term economic development.
Women's rights are dependent upon economic development.

Experience is better than education.
Video games are a waste of time.
Reading books is a better use of time than watching television.
Some lives are not worth living.
Good intentions should be valued above results.
Appearance is reality.
There is no justice in the world.
There is no peace without compromise.
The morality of an act should be judged by the motives of the actor.
Human rights are an instrument of Western imperialism.
Freedom is an illusion.
Philosophy should be taught in high schools.
Valentine's Day demeans women.
Those who do not forgive are not free.
We value what we've earned more than what we are given.

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